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MUSÉE DU SOLEIL  ISTD award proposal**

Graphic design, Branding, Typography, Illustration. 

Musée du Soleil is a museum and activity center of Cirque du Soleil in London.

To create this brand, the brief was to start from the already existing franchise brand, and develop a more durable, sober and reputable flavor to it, enough to stand for a museum. But still be able to evoke the magic of the circus. Also, it was mandatory to not use any kind of photography nor image.

Project focuses in express all this values through a display font specifically designed for the project. Therefore, the brand essence borns indeed from of an illustrated alphabet that showcases the wonders of the Cirque du Soleil itself.

The brand uses the marine and white to bring the soberness and elegance with the light of the yellow to spark a bit of joy, along with lots of small exquisite art-deco ornaments that make it elegant and majestic.

** 'Musée du Soleil' is fictional project developed for the ISTD Awards 2015.