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SERENDIPIA Creative Blast Fest

Graphic design, Branding, Photo. 

In general terms, the word Serendipity is used to refer to casualties, coincidence or accidents, though the real meaning and connotations are the following:

Serendipity (noun)

1. an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

2. good fortune; luck; in reference to something achieved despite not intended.

It is said the creativity is the art of finding where others can’t. The capability of exploring, seeking, try -and while in the process of searching- expand the limits of the expected results to unravel new solutions and ways. Creativity is the art of losing fears and hunt serendipity.

Serendipia — Creative Blast Fest is a festival to wants to foster experimentation and showcase different types of creative processes along many disciplines: dance, painting, sculpture, writing, theater, music...

Through exhibits, conferences and workshops, this event wants to become a generative platform itself.

The brand takes places in the powerful collision between order and chaos.

The chaos many creative processes involve, comes reflected in the red and black contrasted photos and textures which evoke movement and fluidity: the most experimental part of any creative activity. The trial and error, the flow of the process. 

On the other hand, the order is represented with white (and sometimes even red). Part of coming up with and idea, involves defining it: the clarifying aspect subsequent to a creative process. In simpler words, you have to
give structure and summ up and idea to present it. Just like this explicit uncovered grid provides a sense of steadiness and composition to every piece designed for the festival.
This project required developing not just the brand but applying it to a wide range of pieces. From the logo, to a photoshoot that comes across all the posters, flyers and materials.

Also, the logo is variable. Just like a creative process can be different everytime and still deliver good results, the logo is a matrix of uncovered letters that vary in position, giving us a visual metaphor on how Serendipity works.
The visuals come from a
photoshoot of a contemporary dance performance from the Toledo brothers in the Teatro Leal called Las Musas (’The Muses’, La Laguna, Tenerife). It talks about the surreal and inmaterial factors in our lives that makes us move forward and find motivation in unexpected places. Just like serendipity works.